How to become a Facebook Live extraordinaire under Rs. 12,000

With Facebook Live fast gaining popularity as a go-to- tool for wide-spread online engagement,

how to deliver quality videos is a question asked frequently. Though there are tutorials

available in the public domain that hand-hold the interested in enhancing the aesthetics of a

video, without equipment that offer the requisite support, the battle remains half-won.

Understanding the nitty-gritties of Live videos will kick-start the journey for you but only when

you use the right paraphernalia can you sprint towards your end goal.

But then, the question that next arises is how expensive an affair will it be. To put your worries

to rest, we have narrowed it down to 5 essentials under Rs. 12,000 that will majorly influence

the overall technical fabric of your videos without putting a strain on your wallet.

Internet connectivity

To utilize the benefits of the Facebook Live feature, internet connectivity is indispensable. A

strong, uninterrupted internet connection is what ensures hassle – free streaming. Nobody likes

watching a video that stalls in the middle or becomes grainy due to glitches in the connection.

Hence, availing stable and high-speed internet connection is the first step towards becoming a

possible virtual star. Market is crowded with dongles Data cards come with a wide variety of

options, be it download and upload speeds, Wi-fi capability, or SIM support. Choose as per your


Estimated price – Rs. 800 onwards


Shaky, unstable videos can be an instant put-off. Regardless of how confident you are about the

steadiness of your hands, it is smarter to outsource the task to a tripod. A tripod which

essentially is a three-legged stand supports smartphones and cameras, to capture images and

videos that are free of visual disturbance. The tripod has earned its badge of honor as an

essential when it comes to ensuring visually pleasing live stream. Go ahead and invest in one.

Estimated price – under Rs. 500


There is nothing like a smartphone that is equipped to support Facebook Live videos. ASUS’

newly launched Zenfone Live ticks most boxes off when it comes to enhancing the videos’

attractiveness. The smartphone, built with first-of- its-kind beautification technology,

BeautyLive app enhances the appearance of your videos in an instant. The “Soft-light” LED

flash enables the camera to capture brighter pictures even in low light areas, which means that

you won’t need portable lights. The sound is well taken care of as ZenFone Live has dual micro-


system (MEMS) microphones to help eliminate background noise and enhance voice pickup.

Thus, helping you save extra-bucks that you would have invested in buying a microphone worth

Rs. 1500.

That’s not all, Zenfone Live is powered with a five-magnet speaker to produce loud and clear

audio with supreme quality in every scenario. Additionally, the smartphone has DTS

Headphone:X, a revolutionary surround-sound technology that synthesizes a full 7.1-channel

virtual surround-sound experience, making all content sound better over any headphones.

Price – Rs. 9,999

Conclusively, the overall visuals of a Facebook Live video are the result of multiple tools playing

their part in-sync. As for ASUS’ Zenfone Live, the smartphone is a one-stop solution that

addresses your live streaming concerns. Definitely worth a consideration for anybody who

wants to acquire Facebook Live proficiency.


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