We kind of know what the next iPhone would look like. We know that Apple will put a vertical dual camera on the rear side of the phone. We know what kind of display the next iPhone would have. The final prototype is yet to be seen so right now we can not say much about the design of the phone, however, in terms of performance, the iPhone 8 is shaping up to be an absolute beast.

A leaked screenshot was surfaced today in China purporting to depict the results obtained by the iPhone 8 after running Geekbench 4.0.


Now if you’re a little bit familiar with the benchmarks then you can clearly see those numbers and know what they mean.

The iPhone 8 scores 4537 in single core which is 30% better than what the iPhone 7 was able to achieve. Now, what about Android? Well, the closest that any of the android phones has come is the Galaxy S8 with 1945. Yes, a score of 1945 in single core for the Galaxy S8. So the iPhone’s score is more than twice as good.

The iPhone 8’s multi-core score is 8975 which is 58% better than its predecessor’s. Whereas the Galaxy S8 got a multi-core score of 6338 which means that the next iPhone performs 41% better than the latest and greatest from Android.

These results prove that Apple’s focus on creating the most powerful mobile chipsets hasn’t taken a hit over the past year or so while developing the iPhone 8. Also, this kind of screenshots can be fake as it is not impossible to fake such a screenshot.

In the screenshot, you can also see that this iPhone’s prototype is running on iOS 11 as you’d expect and the model id is “iPhone 10,6” whereas the model id of the iPhone 7 is “iPhone 9,1”. The A11 chipset that powers the new model has a 2.74 GHz quad-core CPU, and 128KB of L1 cache.

The authenticity of this Geekbench listing image is far from credible as we are unable to find the URL of the Geekbench result as indicated. So take all of this with a pinch of salt.





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