In 2016, when Moto launched the Moto G4 and G4 Plus, one of the major highlights of the phone was the camera. The G4 Plus was equipped with a 16MP Camera with phase detection and laser autofocus. It also had an aperture of f/2.0. That camera setup was the best that Moto was providing in its G lineup.

This year at MWC 2017, Moto unveiled the G5 and G5 Plus and this time Moto has pushed the camera game to another level. The G5 Plus has a camera module that we see rarely even in high-end phones. The G5 Plus seems to have the same camera that we have seen on the Galaxy S7 Edge. The new features a 12MP camera, with f/1.7 aperture lens, along with dual pixel autofocus.

On the first glimpse, the megapixel count is obviously a downgrade from last year’s 16MP camera, however, as many of you know, the megapixel count doesn’t determine the camera quality.

Motorola is yet to reveal all the camera details of the G5 Plus, but the reason why it might be the best camera phone in its segments is because of its image sensor and lens.  Moto has yet not revealed the sensor being used on the phone but specifications suggest that this phone is either using the Sony-made IMX 260 or IMX 262 which are very similar. These sensors were also used in Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

These sensors also use the Dual-Pixel autofocus technology which was the main highlight of the S7/S7 Edge. Dual pixel autofocus is an advanced version of PDAF(phase detection autofocus) which is present in almost every smartphone nowadays. PDAF basically has some special photodiodes in the sensor’s pixel. The photodiodes detect the subject in focus and lock focus which can be a slow process as only 5% of the sensor’s pixels are phase detection pixel. However, in dual pixel autofocus, these pixels are increased and essentially enables each pixel to work alongside as a phase detection pixel. Dual pixel autofocus also helps to focus under low light, with more pixels reading light data in low light.

Then there is the lens. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge comes equipped with a wide f/1.7 lens. Motorola G5 Plus comes with the same wide f/1.7 aperture lens which will help the device to capture a lot of light and thus helping users to capture clear photos in low light situations. There is no Optical Image Stabilisation in the G5 Plus like there is on the S7/S7 Edge, this won’t make much of a difference in image shooting but would have played a vital role in video recording.

Having the same kind of hardware doesn’t mean that their cameras will have the same performance. We have to see how well Lenovo/Motorola optimises the camera software for thins kind of hardware.

So, if Motorola does everything right and plays the right card, the Moto G5 Plus’s camera will come pretty close to what S7/S7 Edge’s camera can do.

Now, we really hope Moto G5 Plus’s camera matches up with S7’s camera. Not only this will make the G5 Plus the best budget camera smartphone but will also set a new benchmark for other smartphone manufacturers.

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