OnePlus exclusively confirmed to The Verge that their next smartphone will arrive this summer. OnePlus also confirmed the name of the smartphone which is, the OnePlus 5 and not OnePlus 4 as 4 is considered as an unlucky number in China, where OnePlus is based. The smartphone will be the successor to the OnePlus 3 and 3T from last year.

So, we’re still at least a few months away from the official launch of the OnePlus 5 and unlike Samsung, OnePlus is doing a good job at keeping the phone confidential. There haven’t been many leaks of the smartphone and we don’t even know what the smartphone will look like. However, a popular e-commerce website, Gearbest leaked the full detailed specifications of the phone.

Here is another photo of the spec sheet if you’re having problem seeing the one above

Now one may assume that the¬†specifications¬†listed might be based on various leaks but keep in mind that Gearbest is one of China’s largest e-commerce websites and as we said, there haven’t been many leaks of the smartphone.

One interesting part though, is how it defines the dual camera setup as ‘one front and one back’ whereas from what we’ve heard so far and from what Gearbest shows as the prototype photo, the OnePlus 5 is going to have a proper dual camera setup on the rear.

What do you think of these specs? Too good to be true? Can OnePlus 5 become the real ‘Flagship Killer’? Well, I guess we just have to wait for a few months to find that out.




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