Use every link down below at your own risk. We are not responsible for any kind of damage.


                   For iOS users-

Clicking on the following links will redirect to your message app with the malicious text. You can send that message to any iPhone user(iOS 10) in order to crash their device.


Send malicious text_1(fast and harmless)

Send malicious text_2(Dangerous and powerful)



⚠️ Kill the app in appswitcher before fixing ⚠️

Click here to fix your message app(if it doesn’t open and crashes every time)

Alternative fix #1-

  • Open photos app
  • Select any photo
  • Click on share
  • Share with message app
  • Enter the attacker’s/victim’s number

Alternative fix #2

See this video for the message app crash fix.



                    How to crash from Android

Copy & send the text in the following case


Fast & Harmless:
Powerful & Dangerous:
Use at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage.If you have any problem, I can’t help sorry.


All the credit goes to-



And Blake.



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