The Ultimate Jailbreaking Guidejailbreak

This post is our ultimate guide to Jailbreaking. You’ll find detailed information about Jailbreak, what it is, how to jailbreak, is it safe, is it legal and pretty much everything that you need to know about Jailbreaking.

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a process by which Apple’s operating system, iOS gets modified in order to run some unassigned codes to gain access to files that Apple wouldn’t let you normally access.

Jailbreaking your device adds an unofficial application’s installer called Cydia. Cydia lets you download many 3rd party applications, tweaks, and extensions that are normally unavailable to download through the app store.

These tweaks let you do things to your iOS device that a non-jailbroken iOS device would never be able to do. You can download themes for your device, rename the icons, download paid applications and games for free and much more.

In simple language, jailbreaking is about bypassing your iOS device from Apple’s restrictions, giving you instant access to your system settings from anywhere you want, finding packages that can give you more control over you iOS experience and freeing your device from Apple’s restrictions to let you install anything that you want.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is like the AppStore of Jailbreak applications. You can browse Cydia for applications, tweaks and mods just like the Appstore. You can download and install Cydia apps, just like the AppStore. Cydia is a hub for all the tweaks and apps. Most apps and tweaks in Cydia are free but you can also find some apps to be paid.

Benefits of Jailbreaking.

One of the most asked questions is that what are the benefits of jailbreaking? What to do with an iOS device after you’ve jailbroken it?

One of the reasons why people jailbreak their device is to have the ability to install third-party applications that Apple wouldn’t normally approve on it’s AppStore. For example, Apple wouldn’t let you customise the general user interface of your device or change the look of an icon but thanks to the Jailbreak community, there are several ways of changing the way your device looks and the most popular tweak to do this is Winterboard which can be downloaded from Cydia.

Other than the applications, jailbreaking also gives you access to certain extensions, tweaks and mods. These are not considered as applications because they bring subtle improvements to the way your iOS device operates. For example, Zeppelin lets you change the carrier name on the top of your screen to any custom text or logo or BioLockdown lets you secure applications with TouchID.

Read our Jailbreak FAQ to know more.



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